Authorized dealer of Okinawa scooters (Kurnool)

Believe in a product that goes a long way. Our scooters have been carefully designed with best in class technology. Featuring the technology that is working wonders by being energy efficient and equally admired by the customers.

Welcome to Adhvaitha Motor's


Welcome to Adhvaitha Motors which is an authorized dealer of Okinawa scooters in Kurnool. Take a look at our electric two-wheelers best known for quality, comfort, style, and eco-friendliness. Pioneer and dominant player in the Indian Electric Two-Wheeler industry, Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd. is well-known for its electric vehicles.
At our showroom, you can find all new range of Okinawa scooters. You can opt for Ridge E-Scooter or Praise E-Scooter, depending upon your requirement and budget. Both these scooters promise freedom of enjoyment and great ride experience.
In order to cater to the expected standards of service of the electric two-wheelers, we have employed a team of seasoned professionals to address your query. Visit our showroom in Kurnool to book the one suiting your style!

Ridge - Recharge your scooter recharge your life

No destination is too far.
Don’t just go about evaluating the streets, all-new ridge takes into account everything you need for a smooth ride. It promises freedom of enjoyment and great ride experience. A quality that ensures safety with convenience on the mind.

Praise - The Wheels of change

Performance That Matters
A great speed that lets you drive swiftly through the corners, Let’s you command the path with style and comfort. With no spending on fuel and efficient charging system that gives a wonderful mileage in one charge keeps your worries at the end. A powerful motor does not let the traffic impact you and keeps you going.

All Eyes On You

When you ride the Praise, it’s about the journey as much as it is about the destination. Unmatched comfort paired with uncompromising engineering makes every ride an experience not just for you, but also for the onlookers. The stunning graphics and the Daylight Running lights add a touch of finesse that’s sure to make eyes turn. Control unbridled performance with the twist of your wrist, with a high-power 1000 watt output engine that gives you 170 – 200 kilometres in a single charge. We’re not just pushing the limits of electric two-wheelers – we’re changing the game.

Scooters Range (Ridge, Praise)

 Ridge Red
 Praise Yello
 Ridge Grey
 Ridge Orange
 Ridge White
 Praise Dark Purple
 Praise Purple
 Praise Yellow
 Ridge Red
 Praise Yellow
 Ridge White
 Praise Dark Purple